Solar energy for industrial processes


Ressspi, the solar simulator for Industrial processes

For the success of every new technology, it is necessary to have tools to make it simple, accesible and understandable. Ressspi is a research innitiative whose goal is the development of free and open-source tools, with which everyone will be able to perform cost and energy performance of solar energy systems in industrial processes.

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What is not Ressspi?
Ressspi is not a design tool. Ressspi does not replace the need for basic engineering. It will not tell you the diameter of the pipes you need. Ressspi is not magic!

What is Ressspi?
Ressspi is just an on-line solar calculator. With Ressspi you can obtain cost and energy performance estimations in less than 30 seconds. It will tell you if a project has potential or not. Ressspi is a scientific simulation code. With Ressspi you can estimate how much energy is produced on an hourly basis:

How accurate is Ressspi?

ressspi validation pilot plant

Pilot plant in which the validation of Ressspi is taking place (Spain)

Ressspi uses an evolution of the simulation engine of SHIPcal, which has been theoretically validated using TRNSYS. The differences showed with TRNSYS are 15% (instantaneous value) and 10% (accumulated value).

Thanks to the support of the company SOLATOM, Ressspi will be validated (2Q 2019) in real operating conditions , at the Plataforma Solar de Almería. Soon, Ressspi users will have access to real operating data and to the difference with the one calculated by Ressspi.

How complicated is Ressspi?

Ressspi is a tool designed by researchers for non-researchers. The use of the tool is as easy and intuitive as filling out a simple online-form.

ressspi easy simulations
Users without technical background can perform automatic simulations on the server. In this case Ressspi selects the optimal design parameters automatically. Advanced users can perform manual simulations, where they have access to modify the design variables at will. In any case, if it is your first simulation, we recommend that you follow this tutorial! (In construction)

Academic work

Ressspi is an open research initiative. The results of these collaborations are shared in congresses and technical workshops. The development of Ressspi has not ended and there are still many lines of research to explore, if you are interested in studying the potential of solar concentration in industrial processes, do not hesitate to contact us!

Ressspi is the evolution of SHIPcal, one of the first attempts to create an on-line calculator for industrial process solar plants.
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Ressspi was presented at CIES 2018. The article is focused on the optimization algorithm used for the automatic design.
CIES2018 (Spanish Only)

Ressspi will be presented in September 2018 at Eurosun-2018 (Switzerland). The article will be focused on the internal working of the tool.

Ressspi will be presented in October 2018 in the VI ESCO Congress (Valladolid). Ressspi will be presented as a tool to facilitate the access of ESCOs to SHIP sector.
Congreso ESE (Spanish Only)